Reporting of Additional Findings (Optional)

In addition to the Main Findings, genomic analysis may also identify vast numbers of other genetic variants, leading to a cornucopia of information related to genetic diseases and health risks. This additional information is called the “Additional Findings”, in which the identified variant is not related to the participant’s primary health concern but has adequate scientific evidence showing that there is a high risk in causing other diseases.


The Project team will only list those variants that have high pathogenic risks in the Additional Findings Report. HKGI will draw up a list of Additional Findings exclusively for this Project based on the latest international research results, regularly review the content of the list and update it when necessary.


Please click here to view the latest Additional Findings list.


1. Choosing Whether to Receive Additional Findings Report


You can choose whether to receive Additional Findings report.


  • If you choose to receive it:
    • You may gain early insight of your potential health risks. Such information might enable you to follow up promptly about the pertinent disorders.
    • However, such results might also impact you psychologically.


  • If you choose not to receive it:
    • The report will only indicate the Main Findings related to your family member’s or your condition.
    • Even if the analysis shows that you have potential health risk, you will not be informed.


2. Notification and Follow-Up


If HKGI finds that you have a variant that is on the Additional Findings list and you indicated that you wish to receive your Additional Findings report, the Project team will notify you and arrange an appointment for a doctor or genetic counsellor to explain the report to you.


If the report shows the need for further clinical investigations, the Project team will first discuss this with you and advise you accordingly. They will refer you to the appropriate clinics under the Hospital Authority if you agree to perform those clinical investigations.


Since the Project team will prioritise the analysis of the Main Findings, you may not be able to simultaneously receive the reports on Main Findings and the Additional Findings.