Use of De-identified Data

To give impetus to the future development of genomic medicine in Hong Kong, HKGI will collaborate with local and international medical and scientific research institutions.


Under no circumstance will HKGI disclose your personal information to any researcher without your consent. Your “de-identified” data will only be shared with:


Approved local and international research institutions and researchers

  • Eligible research institutions and relevant researchers must obtain approval from HKGI’s Institutional Review Board before using your “de-identified” data. If your health care providers/clinicians wish to use your data for their own scientific and medical research, they must also apply through the Institutional Review Board.


International scientific databases

  • Some international scientific databases will collect “de-identified” data from different research projects and organisations to facilitate international scientific and medical research. Each database has its own rigorous application procedures, and researchers must seek approval to use the relevant de-identified data.
  • Before sharing the data, HKGI will carefully check and review the data security and safety policy of the relevant scientific databases.