Professor Ken SUNG Wing-kin

As the Honorary Chief Bioinformatics Officer of Hong Kong Genome Institute (HKGI), Professor Sung oversees HKGI’s bioinformatics analysis and data management to ensure that the data can effectively support clinical use at the Partnering Centres of the Hong Kong Genome Project (HKGP). He also supervises the design and implementation of the data platform of HKGP to facilitate research while ensuring data privacy and security.

Professor Sung has over 25 years of experience in Algorithm and Bioinformatics research. Prior to joining HKGI, Professor Sung was a Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the National University of Singapore (NUS) and was a senior group leader at the Genome Institute of Singapore. He is an expert in the field of bioinformatics, who has been leading the development of a number of bioinformatics software and has over 290 high impact papers published in renowned academic journals, including Bioinformatics, Cell, Nature, Nature Genetics and Nucleic Acids Research. In recognition of his research contributions, Professor Sung was conferred the FIT Paper Award (Japan) in 2003, the National Science Award (Singapore) in 2006, and the Young Researcher Award (NUS) in 2008. He has also served in the programming committee for over 70 international conferences.

Professor Sung is a Global Stem Professor in the Department of Chemical Pathology, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His recent research focuses on understanding the relationship between mutations (in particular, structural variations) and diseases.